Dean Van Damme

Experience : Very Experienced

Photo Level : Fashion, Art nude, Erotic nude, BG erotic, Group erotic, BG explicit

Video Levels : Art nude, Erotic nude, GG erotic, GG explicit, BG erotic, BG explicit, GBG, explicit GBB, explicit Gangbang with boys, Gangbang with girls, Orgy, Anal, DP, Bukkake, Facial cum, Cumshot, Blowjob, Facefuck

Shows : 2 Performers, 3 Performers, 4 Performers, Group

Ethnicity : Caucasian

Birthday : 1978-11-12

Body Modification : Tattoo

Body Hair : Shaved

Hair : Brown

Eyes : Blue

Height : 175 CM

Weight : 76 KG

Bra Size : EU

Chest/Waist/Hips : EU

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