Please read all the information to understand our way to work and don’t have confusions in future.


Photographers and companies contact us to book performers they need for their projects. Sometimes they ask for some specific models they see in our website where is your profile, and sometimes they need model recommendations from us. 



  1. When you know and post your tours, PROVIDE US A COPY OF YOUR TRAVEL DATES via email or whatsapp: +34667442313 so we tell that to the companies we work with and will be easiest to give you more jobs.
  1. When we make publicity for you, PLEASE RESPECT OUR DESIGN WORK and you also can share it (this would bring more visibility and possibility for more jobs managed by us). If the client contact you directly, you can manage it by yourself, but we can manage your agenda for you so you don’t have to care about nothing, just work.
  1. Once arranged your booking, make sure you arrive on time, you have everything we ask you (tests, clothes, shoes, make-up, etc.), that you look is perfect as hair, nails, skin wellcared, shaved, etc. Please, be respectful with the clients. Report us any suspicious attitude to us from the clients. WE WANT EVERYONE HAPPY AND SECURE.
  1. SEND US NEW PICTURES of you, we will update your profile, so it will appear at the beginning of models list. In that way, you will GET MORE VISIBILITY TO OUR CLIENTS AND THE BEST OPPORTUNITY TO GET JOBS.
  1. This industry depends a lot in many people and factors, camera, location, lighting, sound, etc. IF ANYTIME YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN’T GO TO WORK, YOU MUST LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY to be able to replace you with another performer. If not, companies will lose a lot of money and is our responsibility. If any of our models fail to go to work for any unreasonable reasons, we PENALIZE this attitude for 6 months without to offer any job, and there is a possibility that we can stop to work together completely. 
  1. We would like to remember do not skip the agency when you work with a client. We work based in TRUST, TRANSPARENCY AND HARDWORK if this trust break once, we delete your profile from the agency and never more send jobs for you. 

We hope your experience working with us will be great. If you have any suggestions for improvement, we will be happy to hear it.

Please contact with us if you have a doubt or suggestion about our services.