It’s very important that you read all the information to understand our way of working and don’t have any confusion in future.


  1. Professionalism. All of our artists have to meet a list of requirements to be in the agency, and we are very clear about their information, such as their levels, experiences and fees.


  1. Fee. Our commissions are the fairest and transparent in the business. It is a 10% charge for our clients and a 10% charge for our models for the work we do. If companies work with the same model again, next time we just charge 5% to each one.


  1. Payment. For security reasons, it is necessary to charge the fee before the shooting to book the models and do the reservation of the days you need to shoot. Later we can negotiate it depending on the nature of your business. Models have to be paid the same day of the shooting, preferably before the shoot.


  1. Respect. We would like to remember don’t skip the agency. We work based in TRUST, TRANSPARENCY AND HARD WORK if you contact by your own to models we proposed to you or we sent to you by the newsletter, specially new models, this trust will be break, we delete your profile from the agency and you can’t access to our model database again.


We hope your experience working with us will be great. If you have any suggestions for improvement, we will be happy to hear it.

Please contact with us if you have a doubt or suggestion about our services.